TiKV Metadata Engine

$ juicefs format \
--storage minio \
--bucket \
--access-key minioadmin \
--secret-key minioadmin \
tikv:// \
$ sudo juicefs mount -d tikv:// ~/jfs
  • In the test environment, both Redis and MySQL are stand-alone versions, and TiKV uses a three-copy distributed architecture.
  • The value of the result represents the operation time, the unit is (microseconds per operation), the smaller the value, the better.
  • The numbers in parentheses are the ratios to the Redis-Always mode.

Added stats command

Added .config virtual file

$ sudo cat ~/mnt/.config
"Meta": {
"Strict": true,
"Retries": 10,
"CaseInsensi": false,
"ReadOnly": false,
"OpenCache": 0,
"MountPoint": "mnt",
"Subdir": ""
"Format": {
"Name": "herald-jfs",
"UUID": "a703ea9f-b70d-41b0-8fe6-ab44cbe8d734",
"Storage": "minio",
"Bucket": "",
"AccessKey": "minioadmin",
"SecretKey": "removed",
"BlockSize": 4096,
"Compression": "none",
"Shards": 0,
"Partitions": 0,
"Capacity": 0,
"Inodes": 0
"Chunk": {
"CacheDir": "/var/jfsCache/a703ea9f-b70d-41b0-8fe6-ab44cbe8d734",
"CacheMode": 384,
"CacheSize": 1024,
"FreeSpace": 0.1,
"AutoCreate": true,
"Compress": "none",
"MaxUpload": 20,
"Writeback": false,
"Partitions": 0,
"BlockSize": 4194304,
"GetTimeout": 60000000000,
"PutTimeout": 60000000000,
"CacheFullBlock": true,
"BufferSize": 314572800,
"Readahead": 0,
"Prefetch": 1
"Version": "0.16.1 (2021-08-16 2edcfc0)",
"Mountpoint": "mnt"

Add progress bar for gc and fsck

Note the changes related to the Redis engine

Other changes

  • Support upload/download bandwidth limit
  • Updatedb disabled

Open Source Contribution Guide

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JuiceFS is a distributed POSIX file system built on top of Redis and S3.